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Nova Florida has been a Fondital Group trademark since 1992, but has been a well-known and active presence in the worldwide heating industry for over 40 years. The main factor to which the Nova Florida brand name owes its success is its dedication to maximum product quality, which is guaranteed by the company’s research and development laboratories and continuous inspections.
Its widespread sales network, vast expertise and speed of service have all contributed to making Nova Florida a leading global player in the field of heating systems.
Nova Florida offers a comprehensive range of heating systems, including die-cast aluminium radiators, heated towel racks in extruded aluminum, electric radiators, gas convection stoves, free-standing and wall-mounted boilers, solar collectors and photovoltaic modules.
From the design and production of the moulds to the packaging of the finished products, all the operations are carried out using high-tech, ultra-modern and extremely flexible equipment.

They are a reliable marketing partner. Their innovative and high quality products are extremely efficient in terms of energy-savings. The sales organization enables them to be particularly close to the customer and provides a thorough pre and post sales counseling service.
The company is the leading manufacturer in the world of radiators in die-cast aluminum, and it has to date introduced a remarkable number of innovations and patents which have become milestones in the history of the heating industry.
296_z_fondital_sahara_s5_z_3 QUALITY
Quality ISO 9001. Nova Florida offers a range of products with outstanding quality. Design 100% made in Italy and an R&D division which steadily cooperates with the primary international Universities. The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification issued by DNV confirms Fondital’s dedication to quality assurance.
Nova Florida is one of the leading suppliers on the market on an international level in the field of heating solutions. Multilingual personnel and representative offices ensure non-stop presence on the global market, as a witness to the “customer-oriented” vision of the company.


Aluminum die-cast radiators
Design radiators
♦ Towel rail radiators
♦ Electrical radiators
♦ Convector heaters


♦ Wall-hung condensing boilers (<35 kW)
♦ Atmospheric wall-hung boilers (<35 kW)
♦ Base-plate condensing boilers (<35 kW)
♦ Base-plate atmospheric boilers (< 35kW)
♦ Boilers and high-power central systems (>35kW)
♦ Burners
♦ Water heaters

 Solar systems

♦ Solar collectors
♦ Solar systems
♦ Solar integrated system


Aspilusa was founded in 2001 with the objective of producing and selling central vacuum systems for the Portuguese market.

With the passing of time Aspilusa has grown and has become the Nº1 company in the local market.
At Conex Bänninger we produce plumbing fittings and valves for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, working with customers in plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, and medical businesses. Our passionate and innovative approach to the design and manufacture of plumbing fittings for use with copper, carbon, plastic and stainless steel components has made us a world leader
Founded in 1963, EdilKamin has developed to become one of the most important companies in the sector.

More that 40 years of experience and state-of-the-art design capacity, 6 production establishments in Italy and abroad and many branches have lead the company to be appreciated by demanding consumers, aware of stylistically innovative products.
EMMETI works since 1976 in plumbing-heating and air conditioning field by providing increasingly complete and evolutionary solutions.

ISO 9001 certified production of ball-valves, radiators valves, brass fitting and multilayer pipes allows Emmeti’s group to be one of the most complete companies in this field
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The ENERGIE has established itself nationally and internationally and currently holds the largest factory of solar systems in the world
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Nova Florida has been a trademark of the Fondital Group since 1992, but it has been working in the heating industry for more than thirty years, achieving a leading position worldwide.
The company’s philosophy is of a modern, first-rate production cycle offering the greatest practicality with high-tech, high-quality and attractive products
NOVASFER was founded in Ponte san Marco (BS), as producer of ball valves for water and gas. From the very beginning it’s been distinguished for the strong quality policy and customized service, which allow an important presence of the company  on the international markets.
Nuova Imas is a company that, since1960, works in the field of the heating, particularly careful to the technological evolutions apt to guarantee a quality product with contained costs but with the maximun practicalness and functionality.
Staa Pompe is an enterprise provided of a determinate and dynamic organizing structure. The force points are the care put on the organization of its resorces, the high productive profile, the effective integration of technological avant-garde systems and of the craftmade skill.
Driven by ecological passion and feelings of responsibility for society and the environment, nine students started the Wagner & Co enterprise, aiming to contribute to the energy supply of the future. The first solar array was installed in 1978, even before starting the company in 1979, in Marburger Germany. Wagner shares more than 30 years of experience across Europe and beyond
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path of developing a safe, reliable, simple and efficient drain water heat recovery system